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What are you looking for?  Whatever it is, we want to help you find it.  Whether you are looking for God, friends, a place to improve yourself and your family, or if you want to help us redeem this world for Jesus, come be are part of our family.

Bible for Beginners


Minister Bill Day teaches a class at Oklahoma Christian University called Intro to the Bible.  It is designed to take students from little or no knowledge to having a solid overview of God’s Word.  Last year he taught that class here at Northwest.  If you or somebody you know would like to experience that class you can see the materials by clicking on the link below and going to

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Sunday Morning

    Bible Class 9:00 am

    Worship     10:00 am

Wednesday Evening

    Bible Class  6:30 pm


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If you weren’t able to be at church on Sunday but want to listen to the sermons we keep several months of sermons available to download or listen to streaming online.

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